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toned bodyAre you not getting the toned body or that desired shape you want after spending hours exercising? It could be because of your diet and also your exercise regime and according to research those mistakes are preventing you from getting that desired body of your choice. Below are some of those mistakes that hinder a toned body.

1. You are not drinking enough water: “If you are not drinking enough water, you are going to get dehydrated, and suffer from fatigue, slow metabolism and have unhealthy cravings so remember your muscles cannot recover when you are dehydrated, and your body will also not burn fat efficiently”.

2. You are not getting enough protein: “Your aim might be just to cut down on calories, but you must also get enough protein to tone your body to that desired shape you want, and also your muscles need amino acids to recover, repair and build muscles so fill up on lean meat, fish and eggs aim towards getting 120g of protein in a day”.

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3. You overindulge in superfoods: “Avocados are superfoods but remember they are dense in calories and you should not overdo them and they can quickly add up the number of calories you consume and get stored as fat so make sure you eat even the superfoods in moderation”.

4. You do the same exercise: “You can reach a plateau if you are doing the same exercise over and over again, you need to mix up your workout routine so combine slow repetitions with fast repetitions and keep changing your weights”.


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