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Facebook Friends LimitHello there, today’s topic is 5000 Facebook Friends Limit Problem Solved How to Convert Friend Request to Followers”. Well this is a common problem people see as a challenge on Facebook and you see them ask questions like;


“I have gotten up to five thousand likes – 5000 Facebook friends limit and about 860 friend request more pending, the problem is i can’t accept more request and cannot covert the remaining friend request to follows and if anyone wants to add me up they still can’t add me and also can not follow me on Facebook what should i do? – Mitchell


Facebook Friends Limit

Well, if you do experience this kind of a problem or maybe find yourself in this same situation, i hope this tutorials be of a bit of help to you. The thing is you can either convert that account with 5000 friends to a fan page so those friends can follow you directly. your daily updates, or you can add a follow button to that your Facebook account so people who can’t add you can easily follow you and still feel as if they added you, still see your daily updates, still like and comment or share your updates too.

The truth is, You really cannot break the 5000 Facebook friends limit, but you can enable the follow button by clicking on the Facebook follow link here and by changing the “Who Can Follow Me” from Friends to Everybody or Public. Note that by changing it to public you can have unlimited Followers. or you can simply do this manually by logging in to the Facebook account, and clicking on settings or Account Settings and go to Notification under the notification settings, click on Public this takes you to Public Post Filters and Tools and set your “Who Can Follow Me” button to Public.

Note: this enables any friend who couldn’t add you as friend because of you 5,000 friend limit to be able to follow you. or maybe you might want to reconsider migrating the account or Facebook profile into a page. To reconsider profile to page migration, which will automatically change your friends to likes, and you will be having unlimited amount of likes too, kindly click on the – Migrate You Facebook account by clicking here


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