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Rejoice Otuya
Rejoice Otuya


Twist was a concert which kicked off today the 3rd of November 2017 and it was really a memorable day for everyone who experience it. Starting up with Omo-Oba who happened to be the MC of the day. the event kicked off with Emmy-Song, a renowned  gospel act who stirred up the events before the sensational Wati came out to spicing up the event with her heavenly voice. but before she came up to minister, the host of the day minister Rejoice Otuya gave the house a remarkable speech about the concert and that it was actually one of her biggest of all programs hosted by her, she left the stage with joy in her heart yet while singing her way right back to her seat it wasn’t quite long before so renowned ministers walked in, the likes of Jude sax, Edwin Alex, Mike and De Glorious, Minister Chinyere, Wati, David Judah ,Minister Austin and Chisonia were already seated in the house as guest invited to bring down Gods manifolds blessings and power upon His people. Up next was Wati


Next to perform on stage, after REJOICE OTUYA was the sensational worship leader Wati. Being the first guest artiste of the concert, came in with an electrifying auction stirring up the atmosphere with her extraordinary voice. live at TWIST, as Wati pours out all she has in stock for the people, who were already eager and ready in anticipation for the strong move of God’s presence.



Minister mike who is next to peform following after the sensational wati is to take the stage with his awesome friends, the glorious family. He takes the crowd into another move, unimaginable things took place as minister mike worships. The crowd couldn’t stand the worship and the praises raised by the glorious team. after then minister Rejoice Otuya came up the second time but this time to do her thing as usual you could hear the sounds from afar as her wonderful backups were available to thrill the stage with some of her hit songs


Next to perform on stage was Jude sax, the uplifting and mind blowing saxophonist who came in from behind with an unimaginable performance, taking the crowd into a new dimension so strong that even words itself cannot be enough to explain per say as he blows the sax, ushering the people into tapping their blessings as the praises continued.


What more can i say about Edwin Alex the esteemed eastern praise leader, who came in from behind, as he took his turn taking the people back to the eastern way of praising God, rounds after rounds. it was an unforgettable moment for the people i must say, as Edwin the remarkable praise singer took the crowd into various dimension of dance steps am sure the crowd would never forget Edwin in such a hurry.


Chinyere is another Gospel singer, who started with a simple flow of worship lines and then we thought that was all, until she switched into praising God and we all had a feel of something fresh, and we were all amazed as praise moved to another level. Chinyere really took praise to another level and that’s what i call a high praise. wow all Glory be to God Almighty we were all blessed by her ministration.

After all the singing and all of that we were yet to see something unusual happened. David Judah the hard core Gospel Rapper came in and dropped punchlines that changed the mood of the audience.  What a moment, it was as the crowd couldn’t help but took out time to carefully listen to his cool lines of flow

Minister Austin was electrifying from start to finish. With good vocal dexterity and with a touch of the Holy Spirit there was unizim in their midst and audience flowed along with him. The energetic singer didn’t stop keeping the atmosphere alive. With all Glory to God.


It was really a TWIST as Young Elder thrilled the audience with some “hilarious” jokes. His jokes were ribs cracking and clean as he came with so much energy after series of praise and worship, adding a touch of comic life to the concert and it was like icing would  do to cake.


Nuella Isaac came in strong and with a powerful ministration that kept the crowd on their feet asking for more of Him and so it was as she kept climbing with series of striking worship songs that worshipers could understand and flow with and it was awesome until Chi Sonia Came and took over from where Nuella Isaac Stopped.

Chi-Sonia? what about her? Well Chi-Sonia we’ll say she’s electrifying, she’s sensational and as the spirit led, she flowed and the moment this worship leader climbed the alter the atmosphere changed and this brought the worshipers to their knees and the devil was put to shame forever. We could witness pure and open heart worship which not much word will be able to explain and also we could see her submissiveness in worship then we knew the heavens were already opened and we where more than blessed i tell you she’s a worship leader indeed. with all Glory to God TWIST was a huge success. Wow!!!

Of course NotedLifestylesblog Crew were Also on standby to ensure TWIST concert a successful one. Photo Credit: Giftbest Photography. 

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