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Some Basic Photography Tips Explained for Beginners

Basic Photography TipsHello There, Today we are going to learn about photography. Believe me it’s a lot more easier than you could ever imagine, just like the popular saying “knowledge is progressive” well that’s why we want to give out some basic photography tips for people who have passion to learn photography but for one or two reasons, could not afford it, maybe due to much time to spend or lack of finance. Well here are some photography tips below for beginners.

As a beginner, first thing you must know before going into full details, is to have a brief and basic understanding of what photography is. And this brings us to the question, What is Photography?

According to Wikipedia’s definition;


Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film


In a nut shell, photography is simply an act of capturing image through the use of a camera. Which could be in various forms either portrait or landscape. So with time you’ll notice that there are different terms and techniques that relates to learning photography and also helps to explain this topic better.

Gone at those days, photography existed in Analog/manual form and this was really a serious business as every single settings or adjustments has to be made by the photographer and also in this same Analog era, storage devices like the “film” where the most common devices used upon which after an image has been captured, it’s been taken into a dark room with mercury bulb in it to be developed.

Learn Photography

FORMS OF PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA [ Basic Photography Tips ]

Before talking about the forms in which these camera’s exist, it is also good to have a perfect understanding of how the camera works. now the camera is like our eyes, whatever it sees the brain interpret it. I know what you might be thinking right now; yes that also apply in the camera. the LENS is the EYES while the CAMERA BODY is like the brain that interprets what the eyes see and the camera body comprises of all the components to help processes what the LENS see.

Photography Camera exists in two forms, the “Analog” (FILM / Manual) and the “Digital” (SD CARD / Automatic).

Note: Analog/Manual are old-fashioned now, as it where the kind of camera that employed the use of film and manual settings alongside, after-which, film had to be developed in a dark room after snapping. But in digital camera age, “Reverse was the case” it’s smart and sharp and these sets of cameras employs the use of an SD Card which help to save the information recorded from the lens, of which the camera body process and saves the image captured in the digital camera to its storage which is the SD Card.


For types of camera i will say there are really many types of camera, especially the digital camera in this part of our world. The most commonly used are Nikon, Canon, Sony and the likes but I’ll leave that to you so you can do some research.

I believe, you now have the right knowledge of what Basic Photography Tips is all about, and how to use it wisely to your success.  Kindly do a research on this topic and submit your questions here in the comment box so I can help you understand this topic better.

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