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Benin City Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Uhunmwonde Local Government area Benin City Edo State.

Benin City Conflict between muslims
Benin City Conflict between Muslims and Christians

The Benin City Conflict that involved Muslims and Christians at Uhunmwonde LG of Benin has been terribly facing tragic scenes as Muslims and Christians fight themselves and resulting in massive deaths in the state. The literature on religious violence in Uhunmwonde LG of Edo State largely implicates socio-economic, political and governance deficits as the major causes of such violence, but could that be the actual case?

This article, however, departing from the underlying causes approach, undertakes an analytical inquiry into the immediate and visible factors that trigger religious conflicts in the Local Government Area. It also evaluates the nature of death rate and of state management of religious conflicts in the state and posits that government’s haphazard approach to these conflicts as well as the absence of a long-term strategy for its management accounts for their persistent manifestation.

The Benin City Conflict That Involved Muslims and Christians in Uhunmwonde

Tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee; “unprecedented levels of violence” in Uhunmwonde LG due to the massive death rate. Drawing from the findings made recommendations on; the appropriate approach to curbing religious violence in the state are proffered. Religion could serve and has indeed served as an instrument of social harmony in many civilizations. Paradoxically, however, it has also served as a motivation for violence, hence its indication in some literature as a ‘double-edged sword’.

The war between these two religions has immensely called the attention of the state governor and some authorized personnel such the state IG to reconciliation and some music stars got to intervene due to the unending death rate.

Some eyewitnesses have testified that the reason for the conflict is unknown and they found no tangible motives for the sudden conflict between these two religions

Spiral of violence

Benin City Conflict between muslims and christians
Benin City Conflict between Muslims and Christians

Ikpoba-Okha’s resident spokesman told the media and confirmed; five people, dead and six injured. Two cars at the center roundabout were; torched. The police and the attack is the latest in a spiral of sectarian violence that has seen many Christians and Muslims living in Uhunmwonde LG flee their homes. Some news channels and broadcasting service in Benin City said the latest violence started in Benin on Monday when a group attacked a mosque, leaving 10 people injured.

Benin City Conflict

Then, in Ikpoba-okha, the local government area before Uhunmwonde, youths attacked a church. Police made 19 arrests, our reporter says.
Back in Benin on Tuesday; some group of persons, a mosque and Islamic center and set alight in a different area from Monday’s attack. Police told the media that about; ten (10) people had been apprehended. as a result of youths trying to attack a Hausa community leader’s house, but was defended by some Hausa youths before the police then intervened.

However, The Edo state Inspector General of police when questioned on the ongoing recommendations in order to put an end to the conflict

Benin City Conflict

He said the police has been doing very well in settling violence issues in the state, and that this time they will ensure they add extra measures and technology to settle the conflict between these two religions.

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