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Bypass Google AccountHow to Bypass Google Account Factory Reset Protection

hello there! today we will be dealing on Mediatek Android FRP problems and how to bypass google account on MTK phones or possible way out. Note that these process are tested and trusted and you are advised to read carefully and apply all the methods carefully for maximum result.

Android Frp (Factory Reset Protection) is one problem most smartphone users go through down from O.S Version 5.0 Lolipop to 8.0 especially from these present Os. and this problem occurs on Most MediaTek phones like Tecno, Infinix, Gionee Etc. You can add your.

How Does Android MTK FRP Occur and How to Bypass Google Account

Incase you’ve been wondering how this problem occur, well this little but tough problem can occur when an android smartphone had been factory reset, flashed or Hard Reset it restores the to its original state. especially when this smartphone was been used with a Google account and now after being factory reset it automatically ask for the previous email account that was first used before the factory reset was done. At least now you know how this FRP problem occur. This takes us to the question, How to bypass google account Factory reset protection.

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Steps To Bypass Google Account Verification (Factory Reset Protection)

Below is a simple and clear guide to unlocking or Bypassing any tecno smartphone from Google Factory Reset Protection or Bypassing Tecno FRP

Step 1: Install Android MTK Drivers so your smartphone can be detected Easily for those who don’t know this, you can learn how to install Android MTK USB Driver Here.

Step 2: Download Miracle Box Crack.exe, open your miracle box crack zip file and extract it to any folder of your choice as long as you can remember the extracted location or you can save yourself the stress and open a new folder for that.

Step 3: Click on the Miracle Box Loader or Miracle Loader to open your miracle box crack, and select “MTK” at the top Right Corner. next, under the MTK click on “Unlock” and navigate to “Clear FRP” and click on “Start”. This will show “waiting for usb or device”.

Step 4: Switch off your MediaTek smartphone and connect it to your computer with a USB chord and wait for 60 seconds. now it picks it and starts running or unlocking after which it shows “Done” and the time spent.

Now your phone doesn’t come on immediately after the unlock but you can simply remove the battery of your phone and put it back, switch on the mediatek smartphone and that’s all.

Note: This tutorial has been tested working for all kinds of mediatek android smartphones you can follow the procedures carefully all though there are also possible challenges you might encounter which are your miracle box not showing or Highlighting “Start” well its a simple thing all you have to do is to back date your date year to 2016 and reboot your computer or your miracle box crack. Google FRP Solution for Spectrum Chip Next.

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