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Choosing Career Choices

choosing career choices
Choosing Career Choices

Hello Dear,

Just a thought I pondered on and its about “Building The Right Career” as a young man or woman COMING UP aspiring to be something big in the future today we’re going to Trow more light on that but before I start I will like you to start by doing a little bit of self accessment Simply by asking yourself this questions;

1. What career choice am i making? what do i want to be in future why am i in this line of Career or study and whats my u contribution so far to ehancing this picture and make it a reality?
Now give yourself an Answer

2. What are my goals? Whats my Purpose in life? How can I define it? what do I need to achieve this goal? Ok, between now till every 5 years of my life what can I produce as a result of my Goal? where should I be in the nearest future? what can I do to contribute to society and what kind of people will I attract by then, when the time comes?
Now What is your Answer?

3. What is my present Worth(Value) do I meet the present requirements I deserve? what if I’m given a huge amount of Money what will I do with it, will I spend it buying lots of good stuffs for myself or will I save it? where will I go? will I scow-under this money or will i invest for more possible return?
So What is your Answer?

Now if you have asked yourself these questions, then you really need to give yourself an answer. But if you’ve done so then you are on the right part: you’ve passed the first stage of making things right.

now figure out what to do to make things work out for you. Set your targets and strive to meet them. for example;

if going to school will take 16years of my lifetime reading and studying, then I think I really need to bring some additional skill and interest with me” (Vision). You see? more like a backup plan.

some will say why this or I got this late and I don’t have a backup plan what should I do?

The truth is there’s always a backup. How do you mean some will say? yes of cause it could be in what you know how to do best or it could just be what you do often like singing, Playing Football, Basketball, computing, Art or Craft, Creative designing, Smoot talking or what have you. For example;

You have something you know how to do best or you like to do more often, more like your passion then that’s the first stage of your backup plan.

Making Career Choices

Continues… Here for Part B

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