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Dating in the Kingdom – Christian Dating

Christian DatingHi there! Now let’s talk about Christian Dating; It is true that there comes a time when a man has to leave his father’s house and cleave to a woman (his wife) now that’s what the Bible say. But like the saying every great story has a beginning and an end and so that’s where dating comes into play in every relationship whether in christian or secular world. this is where both parties can relate with each other, know their difference’s and also get to know each other better to today we’re going to be talking about;

Christian Dating

I don’t like brothers in Church…. They are too spiritual….. I am actually dating a nice guy…..although he doesn’t go to church…….don’t know if he is really born again

Well my sister I have seen nice guys who beat their wives and have extramarital affairs…

There is nothing like marrying a brother in the Lord……what is the definition of nice guy? Buy your chocolates and change your phone? Takes you out abi????? No matter how nice he is… A dead man is a dead man!!!!

What makes our relationship in the Lord beautiful? It is that we are of “one Spirit” and that spirit is alive!!!!

Only a living man can make a good marriage!!!! Forget the “I will change him ideology” that’s 1 in 100% possibility. Like the possibility of him changing is 1%.

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The headship of Christ over the Church is the model we use in marriage!!!! So if he is not one of us….he is against us no matter how “nice” you think he is.

What makes a man alive is not because he is breathing…. What makes him alive is that he has eternal life…..

1John 5:12

NET : The one who has the Son has this eternal life; the one who does not have the Son of God does not have this eternal life.

An unsaved guy is asking you out……don’t drive him….get him born again….fill him with Holy Spirit… Send him to a sound new covenant church…teach him the word….. Let him grow…..end of story

Oh what do you want to hear? Marry him after get him saved??????? No naw! We don’t get people saved for marriage!!!!! Let him grow in Lord…..leave him like that to grow!!!

That’s why I have an issue with this statement from brothers “I have been training you so I can marry you”

That’s wrong!!! We train and equip the saints for maturity…. Not for marriage!!!!

Well……sha don’t marry an unsaved man….there is no connection between light and darkness!!!!!!!

If he is too Churchy…then that’s good news….!!!!

If he lacks the necessary ethics in dating…. Glory to God he has a Pastor….he will be taught and he will learn!!!! But to trade him for a cool guy on the street because the cool boy has swag is be ‘tired’ and of course suicidal!!!!


Your Friend, Suzan

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Susan Dare is a Preacher, writer, Singer and a dental nurse. Leadership trainer and relationship coach. She is the founder of Epignosis international raising and building sisters in ministry, leaders and the Body of Christ to impact the nations.

Suzan Dare is an Author and Resource Person at Notedlifestyles Blog


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