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Knowing Your Person, Who You Really Are – A one way to Self Discovery Read Now.


Knowing Your Person, Is a Key way To Discovering Who you really are, how far you can go, what you will become and what you can really do.


  • What if you’re asked by a fellow “what is your person”? Will you start thinking, or try to make things up so as to remind yourself of who you really are or want to be? Why don’t you sit down and discern your person before you are asked by anyone?


Often a time we hear people say all sorts of good stuff about career, education, family, Travels and the likes and it all boils down to becoming Successful. However, people get excited anytime, they talk about their future although some have too many aspirations but people mistake them for being over ambitious. it’s okay to feel right and over ambitious about your future but what really aid or motivates you to this great vision? is it your hard work? intellect, Educational Qualifications, or your Creativity? Is it your talent or gift?

Well the answer is not far fetched truth is, all these things are good but knowing your person, defines who you really are, how far you can go, and what you can really do. although you can have all these attribute mentioned above and still not be successful. “Success is a Product of who you Become” and how to make this happen is the first step.


1. What’s Your Person?
your person can be defined by you; your thoughts, your behavioural patterns, emotions, and your actions so do a simple cross check on yourself and know what really is your person. for example, a girl was asked, what’s your person? We see lots of young people say lots of good stuffs with a little string of emotion attached like this girl;
“am a young girl, vibrant and good looking, hardworking, very simple, easy going, a Goal getter and am very simple”
Although, people mistake “being open” for “being simple” but still, the fact that you are very open doesn’t make you simple so just remove that from your minds or thoughts my dear.
what next after all this? is that really your person? does your lifestyle define the speech above? will you repeat the same as you just said when you are asked by any other person out there? If yes then you’ve just understood who you really are and want to be. A whole lot of people, don’t even know this. well now you know. so you have to sit down and ask yourself this questions “who really am I”? What’s my Person? can I repeat the same word that describes my person anytime any day? well, if yes then you are good to go as knowing these things helps to remind you daily of the things you’ll need to learn and also what you’ll have to do.


2. How Can I Optimize My Person?
Personso many people, fail at this point as time is one of the main factor that determines this part of self discovery as this has to do with your time and how you manage it. as it goes beyond your passoon or what you know how to do best. So heres a question for you; How do you manage your time?
most people end up making their time manage them rather that taking control of their time management although when asked they’ll say they’re busy, oh I forgot it’s late, sorry am late to work, and a whole lots of excuses. Life without principles makes things disorganised but setting principles helps you become disciplined and a good time manager as it helps you create time for work, break time, and other time you could ever think of and even creating time for yourself. so being principled helps at this stage of self discovery.

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3. What Can You Do?
knowing what to do and when to do them helps a great deal as it adds to your person, and self worth. so if there’s any way can do things and do it well, spend more time in learning more on that Skill, Added value or Talent of yours also add a bit of your passion to it as this will help in times where you don’t feel like going further in what you can do. Also do learn a bit of other things as this will enhance your career and personality.

Having read all this, well here are some questions for you;

  • What’s your person?
  • Who’s your person?
  • And What can you do?

Note: All these things helps you in one or two ways to self discovery so I’ll ask you this question “What’s your Person? Do you know who you really are? have you really defined it? Do you even remind yourself about it? how often do you do this? If you can as yourself these questions then you are one step ahead of self discovery”.

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