Edo State Government Destroyed Muilti Million Naira Worth of Property, at Mission Road by Kings Square in Oredo, Benin City.

Edo State Government Destroyed

The building that was almost completed by it owner and was being demolished as at when this report was filed, some eye witness, said the building was destroyed this morning as it took the property owner by surprise and the general public too as people also gathered to watch this unexpected act that shocked everyone as Onlookers stood by glaring at the building when it was being destroyed while some people where left with thoughts on possible reasons why Edo State Government Destroyed this Multi million naira worth of property.

Edo State Government Destroyed

Some people say, the building was not supposed to be there, another said it’s an illegal structure while others say they suspect it to be Government property although nothing has been said about this building, and this has left many to so many unanswered question as of the reason why it was destroyed and some person’s wondered why it wasn’t destroyed at the initial stage of the building that was now destroyed at roof level. Our correspondent did say the building was to carry a large amount of shops and also reduce the traffic in that region of mission road provision stores so as to allow easy movement around Mission road.

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Meanwhile, Some persons confirmed that shop owners who sold provisions around that region had already paid large sums or amount of money to agents in charge of the destroyed property so as to secure a space for them to store their goods and sell to earn a living and cater for their families. No one knows the fate of these ones who had already payed agents to secure free Space/Shop for them to sell and others who also had booked a space already even when the building wasn’t completed.


Edo State Government Destroyed

Although nothing has been said about it yet, we’re still waiting for an official press Statement from Edo State Government relating to why this operation was executed. NotedLifestylesblog Reports.

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