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Factory reset settingsFactory Reset Settings For Beginner’s – Android, BlackBerry, Java, Lumia and China Mobile

Hello there today we’re going to be teaching you how to factory reset settings on your various kinds of mobile phones or devices although some know already good for you if you don’t know and you are picking interest in knowing, well this article is for you. Before we go into full details we’ll quickly explain first what factory reset settings is; Factory Reset Settings is the process of restoring a mobile phone to a free and clean state it’s more like formatting a phone to the way it simply was like when you bought it. The use of factory reset settings can not be over emphasized admit was designed by these mobile phones companies to resolve any malfunctions as related to its operations so when it malfunctions all you have to do is Factory reset your phone settings.

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Note: factory reset cleans your phone to its original state for it will erase everything in your phone memory but make it come back to normal as in full operation. Here are the various methods for different categories of Mobile phones / devices very simple.

Factory reset settings

1. Android Phones
For Android Users, it’s very simple all ypu need to do when your android device starts telling you, memory full, low storage, virus detected, safe mode, or starts hanging all you need to do is to look for a way you can backup your important files and documents either by using a Computer or by moving these important files and documents, to you memory card. now the factory reset steps:
Firstly, click on “Menu” on your Android device scroll to “Settings” and click on it. Now scroll down to “Backup & Reset” or “Reset & Privacy” click on it and you’ll see “Reset” click on it and Click on Erase Everything if needed. there you go.

2. BlackBerry Phones
Kindly Click on “Menu”, and goto “Settings” Scroll down to “Security” and Click on it. Now you’ll see a space where you’ll be asked to type “blackberry” and on the button below you’ll see “Wipe”. That’s all.
For BlackBerry 10 same steps apply

3. Java Phones
It’s just like the Steps Above. All you just need to do is to click on “Menu”, goto “Settings”, “Phone Settings” scroll down to the bottom part of the settings, and click on Factory reset Phone or device. same applies for other Java s40 Phones Like Samsung, Nokia, LG and the likes.

4. Lumia Phones
for Lumia phones All you have to do is to “Swipe Left” for “Menu” to appear, Scroll down to “Settings” click on it and scroll down to “About” open it and click “Reset” That’s all.

5. China Mobiles
this is the simplest and fastest of all factory reset methods so far all you just need to do is to click”Menu”, goto “Settings” and click on it. Now scroll down to Phone Settings and click on Factory Reset Data. it will reset and reboot. That’s all.

Note: Ensure you charge your battery to atleast 50% before factory resetting your Android Phone wait patiently for your phone to reboot and do not remove your battery until your phone finally boots up completely that’s all.

Caution: Read Carefully and Apply the following methods properly as NotedLifestylesblog will not be held responsible for any unforseen circumstances or situation afterwards.

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