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So many people on the internet today are on it simply because they want to socialize with friends and relations yet when their android device firmware malfunctions or when they mistakenly forget their password they become confused and feel bad about it, simply because of the cost of taking it to a Mobile Care Shop for fixing and what they stay to loose which is the internal storage data, text messages, or contacts.

Here on Noted Lifestyles Tech session we are going to be teaching how to fix this stressing issue but this will not be completed without us know what it means to hard reset a mobile phone. Back to the question, HOW TO HARD RESET ANY ANDROID DEVICE?

Firstly what is Hard Reset? hard reset is another alternative of factory resetting your android device’s this can only be made possible when you follow the instructions on the different brands of Android device’s tutorials. Note; All your credentials wipes off and your fone returns back to normal as empty as when you bought it new also note that hard resetting methods differs for the different brands of Android devices

now for some Samsung Android products you can achieve a hard reset by simply removing the battery of your phone to switch off and now hold your “HOME BUTTON, with your “VOLUME UP BUTTON” and your “POWER BUTTON” all together for some seconds and it will take you to a pop up window which may display the followong;


Update from SD card

Factory reset/Wipe

Wipe Cache


now use the volume up and down button to navigate your way to the wipe/factory reset section and click OK either with your power button or volume up or down depending on your Samsung or android device now it tells you to click yes if you are sure of the action you want to take click on yes and wait for some few minutes after it’s done kindly click on the reboot button and wait for it to boot up.

Note, first time boot up might take a long time above normal boot so please be patient and wait until it finish booting up and please ensure to make sure your phone’s battery life is at lease 50% before starting the hard resetting procedures. That’s all

Caution: Kindly Note that Noted Lifesyles blog will not be held responsible as this article and either help or brick your phone if you are not patient enough kindly follow the instructions carefully and make sure you charge your android phone above 50%.


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