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Gionee FRP Solution – How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection on Gionee Phones Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Solution.

Gionee Frp solutionGionee FRP Solution

Hello there,
Today we will be discussing a very simple but difficult problem which many Gionee users undergo when they factory reset their phones that is so common in our Present Brands of Gionee today. before we go into details we’ll quickly explain first the meaning of google FRP.

Google FRP simply means Factory Reset Protection in some other device’s like BlackBerry 10 series it’s called Anti theft. It is a security program that helps you secure or protect your documents or files in your phone if lost or stolen and whoever takes the phone will be left with no choice than to Hard reset the phone. especially when there’s password on the phone.

How can I Put Google Factory Reset Protection on My Android Devices?

It’s very easy as this FRP setting is user built like inbuilt in the android device as you as the owner of the device is required to login to your Google account if you don’t have one, you’ll have to create a Gmail account “Learn how to create a Gmail account here”.
once logged in, you can now gain access to your Google play store and other Google benefits.
Note:¬†Always write down the email and password you used in logging into your Google Account so when you factory reset your phone you can always fill it in to fully gain access to your phone. But if you forgot here’s some few steps you can use.

Gionee frp solution

“I Forgot My Google Email and Password of My Phone Before I Factory Reset the Phone”

Are you stock at the stage of keying in your email and password you used before on you Gionee Device? well here’s some simple steps you can apply kindly read carefully and later share your testimonies.

Now after factory or Hard Reset, follow the procedures to getting your phone setup, click of “Next” if necessary now read carefully; when you get to this point “Enter Your Google Account Verification FRP” don’t panic when you’ve tried all the various emails you know, Kindly “Swipe your screen sharply” from the bottom(down screen), where your “home Bolton” is, and click on “Settings” scroll down to “Accounts and Privacy” or “Backup & Reset” click on it and un-tick “Backup” and “Automatic Restore” Apps now once you’ve done that kindly click on “Reset” and wait patiently for the phone to factory reset and reboot. After the phone fully reboots, set it up and see the magic. That’s all for Gionee Frp Solution
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