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givingHello there, A dear brother in Christ wrote to me something very touching and after counseling him, I thought of sharing with you today a topic i titled Giving From Love.

He said and I quote…”Susan what have I done wrong….I am a partner in my Church…. I was told if I pay my partnership I will never be sick again….I have paid up to #700000. Yet I have been off one sickness or the other….I met with one man (from his explanation guess he is a dibia) I only spent #7000 and I got well….what can you say about this?”

When I got this message from this dear brother….. I was heartbroken….. Why? Yes why? I didn’t condemn him for what he did. I shouldn’t.

There is a fault with the teaching from his church.

To tell people they will never be sick is why you should explain to them why they have pimples? Rashes? Head and body ache from intense stress?

In teaching…. Be concerned about implications of statement.


To say “Paying partnership will make you never sick…. Is a statement not found in the Bible”…..

” Susan it works for me….is another statement causing problems too! Why is it working for you alone and not the Body of Christ?

We would rather stick to the written word. We give out of our love for God! Love is why we give….. Don’t promise people things you can’t sustain

“Give and God will promote you….the following week he losts his job…or something weird happens to him…” Please how do you explain that to him? How will you convince him that God is good?

There are blessings in giving! We can’t deny that….but the propellant is love! Your seeds….offerings should be love-driven. They are given out of honor!

When people give….teach them too to take care of their bodies and handle sicknesses when it comes!!!!

2Cor 9:13-14 MSG

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This relief offering is a prod to live at your very best, showing your gratitude to God by being openly obedient to the plain meaning of the Message of Christ. You show your gratitude through your generous offerings to your needy brothers and sisters, and really toward everyone

We give to support the work! The furtherance of the Gospel…. We do this out of love…why love? Giving is not an escape from challenges.So that when challenges rock our lives….we are not disturbed despite all we have given!!! That’s Is why we can give all!!!

The next time the opportunity to give arises…. Give joyfully! You can’t pay for the divine health you enjoy neither the salvation you have received. Now back to the issue of sickness:

Out mortal bodies are prone to sickness especially from stress,poor dieting etc. So to say you cab never be sick is a lie!!! Sickness will knock on the door of the body…don’t feel condemned about it!!!

The same way you heal others when you lay hands on them…do so to your body!!!!

Believers must know how to receive healing for themselves…… Learn to pray for yourself… Learn to speak to your body!!!

The same power that flows out of you to reach others can heal you too!!!!

You can give and be yet sickness knocks on your door but thanks to God for knowledge on how to deal with sickness!

Keep giving! Treat your body right… Keep the word on your lips and talk to your body!!!
Whether it is catarrh,cold or cough or any kind of aches… with it.

We love God! We honor him!! We give!!!

I trust this blesses you…..

Do have a great day.

Your Friend, Suzan

Authors Profile:

Susan Dare is a Preacher, writer, Singer and a dental nurse. Leadership trainer and relationship coach. She is the founder of Epignosis international raising and building sisters in ministry, leaders and the Body of Christ to impact the nations.

Suzan Dare is an Author and Resource Person at Notedlifestyles Blog


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