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kelly hansomeSinger, Kelly Hansome has weighed in his thoughts on the just concluded 20 years remembrance of Fela Kuti and according to him, the Nigerian government is not justified to celebrate the legend.

Baring his mind on the issue, he noted that when the Legend was alive, the government were the most people that frustrated him, his career and belief, making sure that he wouldn’t even have a drop of water to drink. According to him, it made no sense at all for them to talk about Fela and their action is regarded as hypocrisy.

I see a lot of hypocrisy in the government. We are celebrating Fela, Fela lives on…everyone is happy. Even the government that made his life on earth hell, dey follow dey celebrate. Na the same people na im do many things to make sure say dey no let this man drink water.”

“I was driving for my performance to Fela shrine, Tubaba was performing, I noticed that for the round about wey dey there, Fela image no get head and i felt that was so disrespectful. Why would you mould an image if you don’t want to put the head? Fela stands for peace, equal right and justice.”

The ‘maga don pay’ crooner; Kelly Hansome told HipTv

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