punishment for kidnappingMr Ibrahim Kpotum Idris added that the punishment for kidnapping across the country should be made tougher as the police chief says creating special courts to try the crime should be greatly encouraged. The IGP Mr. Idris wants other states like Anambra, Bauchi, Lagos and Kano, who already have strong anti-kidnapping law to join the fight against kidnapping.The Police Inspector General Mr. Ibrahim Ie our great country Nigeria go tough on any kidnappers punishment. The Police chief wants the punishment for kidnapping to be either a death sentence or a life imprisonment sentence. According to The Cable, Mr. Ibrahim Kpotum Idris made this known in a comment while discussing about the famous billionaire kidnapper Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike also known as Evans who was arrested Mr. Idris addressed this in a recent meeting with civil society organisations in the Federa Capital Territory Abuja.

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