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Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend
Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend

Today we’re going to be talking about the Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend thing and how to get over it. it’s not always easy to forget, we know. Well that’s why this article was created. Now Lets Talk.

Let’s talk about the ‘Ex’ thing???? Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend 

You dated Tega for three years….you gave your heart, time,money and commitment to this brother…. Things were great until two years ago…the relationship ended due to plenty issues….

This took you time to heal and get over him…days rolled by….months and one very good day….you met James….A quiet fervent,knows sound doctrine, moves in the things of the spirit….. Has a great job..he has a good top the whole thing… He is a beauty to behold(are feeling me….hehehehehehe)

Then? You both started dating…

Three months into the relationship, you both started having issues…and on getting it resolved….

Tega from the bush started calling, texting and its like the broken relationship suddenly resurrected……

Now you are in a twist….. In a relationship with James and emotionally involved with Tega!!!

This is one scenario that keeps happening over time….some married people are not left out….they are still emotionally involved with a secondary school crush or “ex” boyfriend….

I am aware you cannot erase memories with your Ex but why will an innocent man or woman suffer because you can’t let him go!!!

Nothing destroys relationships like comparing your fiancee with your ex…..”What kind of a man are you? When I was dating Tega, do you know what he did for me….?’

Simple!!! Go and marry Tega!!! Stop nagging, stop comparing…. If your ex is better, then you don’t need a new relationship

Until you can emotionally disconnect from your Ex then you are not ready. A dear Woman that inspires me greatly was teaching in an online seminar and she was telling us how she and her ex attend the same church….how awkard….today she is happily married to a wonderful man and she is not connected to him..her ex irrespective of the fact that she sees him every week in Church!!!!

That could spring up so emotions….”What if he works in the same office with you…..or what if he is your neighbor or what if….what if….that doesn’t count!!!!

Be deliberate

Deliberate enough to separate emotions from real life!!! Deliberate enough to let him go!!!! The memories will remain but the emotions are gone!!!

I often tell Ladies I counsel…. Heal deep after a break up before starting a new relationship….. Why??? You are likely to repeat history!!!! Another breakup may follow soon and yet you will say “All men are the same”…… That isn’t true……all men are not the same….at least the men in my life (my brothers,my uncles,my male cousins, my father……what else do you want to hear? Lol…????…..they are not the same!!!)

You may be the cause of your broken relationships….deal with the ex factor…..disconnect emotionally with him…I am not asking you to become enemies with him….that will be childish!!!! Be a friend but let him know ‘he has been brotherzoned!!!’

Enjoy your new relationship…..don’t ruin it with comparisons because all things have become new!!!!

Love afresh! Live afresh!!!!

Your Friend, Suzan

Authors Profile:

Susan Dare is a Preacher, writer, Singer and a dental nurse. Leadership trainer and relationship coach. She is the founder of Epignosis international raising and building sisters in ministry, leaders and the Body of Christ to impact the nations.

Suzan Dare is an Author and Resource Person at Notedlifestyles Blog


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