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How to Migrate Facebook Account Into Page In 5 Minutes

Migrate Facebook AccountHello there, today we will be talking about how to Migrate Facebook Account into a fan page, and convert all your friends to likes. “I know what’s on your mind right now” for real? oh yes it’s true and the fun part of it is that you can achieve this in less than 5 minutes this is one medium most NGO’s and SME’s use to reach larger audience within a short period of time.

Note: This is one secret I have been using to make cool cash via promoting peoples business online working as a Facebook Manager/PR using Facebook as my Digital Market Place. And today I am going to share this with you at no cost. – Alexm Akpan

If you have been following our daily updates, on my previous update, we talked about How to convert your Facebook friend requests to follow apart from the fact that people just make too many friends on Facebook, we observed that upon getting to the required 5000 friends Facebook allows, from there every other friend request is placed on hold.

That is why on our previous update, we dropped a solution on 5000 Facebook Friends Limit Problem Solved this enables any friend who couldn’t add you on Facebook maybe because of your 5,000 friend limit, to be able to follow you. or maybe you might want to reconsider migrating the account or Facebook profile into a page. And this brings us down to our topic.

A Simple Way to Migrate Facebook Account Into Page In 5 Minutes

Well its a simple step but before doing this it is important to note that you must log into your Facebook account.To reconsider profile to page migration, which will automatically change your friends to likes, and you will be having unlimited amount of likes too, kindly click on the Migrate You Facebook account by clicking hereafter which you’ll be told to migrate to page. after migrating, it will ask for your permission to import your facebook photos to the new profile page which of course it all depends on your choice. next you’ll be told to choose the amount of friends you would want to like the page for me i normally hit the “select all” button which automatically converts all my facebook friends to likes

How to Manually Convert Your Friends To Likes

well, here’s another way to manually convert your Facebook friends to likes in your new fan page. open the new fan page, navigate to Profile to Page Tool and click on it, now this takes you to another page where you’ll choose pictures to import to your new fan page and after choosing click next which automatically takes you to the choose friends to like section and thats all.

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