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Misconceptions Of Some Crazy Nigerians

How and Why This Categories? Just Read.



1. The Wishing Kinds

You’ll see them discussing with their fellow friends;

1. How  I wish Someone will just mistakenly transfer or send 10 million naira  into my bank account I’ll never be poor you’ll see the kind of investment I’ll put the money into. Can you imagine 10 million naira? 1o with six zero’s?  Who makes such mistakes? Bro well done sir.

Answer from the Author: My dear Keep Dreaming.


2. As am walking through this road now, how I wish I can just see a bag of 10 million naira on the ground to pick, my life will just change forever.

Answer from the Author: As if you kept it there.



2. The Die Hard Hustlers with no Brains
When you are new to a Place.

When you go to a place you don’t know for the first time in nigeria and you meet a taxi driver or Motorcyclist  and ask him for the first time in a place about where you want to get to, my brother my sister I sorry for you if it’s close by, they’ll just describe it as very far, a journey that would have taken 5minutes drive for 100 Naira will end up in 15minutes or more.

Then you’ll know it’s really far as they will just take you round The place to an extent where on a normal ground wil take just 5 minutes to get to, will now take more than 10 or 15 minutes to get to. You will even be the one to pity the driver Passenger: “Driver doh i didn’t know it’s this far ooo” Lols in his mind “Maga” my dear u just became the new JJC in town. Well later when you get used ti the place or youre coming back you’ll realize it JJC that’s Naija for you.


3. The Die Hard Smokers and Drinkers (Mentality)


These set of people just feel money will just fall from the sky and come meet then right away Lol! I pity them. This set of people don’t do anything serious all they need to just do is to work in a bit and go buy Indian hemp they smoke to get high and when they get high they start seeing their selves living their dreams feeling as if they are on top of the world, inside big cars and big houses with ladies flaunting their asset all the way. Note these things ain’t real it’s only and illusion of false image



4. The Womanisers or Flirts in Both Genders

These set of people are persons with big mouth but small brain’s
these set of people live to impress they are the kinds that work very hard spending enough time to make money and at the end they go out on a day and spend it all up, their hard earned money on their girlfriends or concubines Note; both the males and females fall on these category and my advice for you is in just two words one of them is receive and the other is sense so help me tell them to “Receive Sense”!


5. The Scammers or Should I Say 419ner’s

These set of people dupe people of their money and they can even kill to make one. They just want to make it quick and so many of them end up dying without making it through life why a few of them makes it, but Makes it with their Hands stained and they also get theirselves into trouble.


Why do all these? when you can sit down and think about becoming creative and get involved legitimate jobs.



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