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The much awaited NOUN TMA 2018 is finally out note the following;

TMA is Tutor marked assignment which is your test

It is 30% of your total mark for a course

It comes in form of 3 separate tests per course, each carries 10 marks

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Note that each test have 10 questions

You need to be careful and patient with each test cos once you miss a questions 1 mark is gone

Your TMA scores goes a long way in helping you have a good grade so you have to give it your best shot

I am willing and available to help with the TMA so you can have the maximum score

Step By Step Guide On How To Access Your TMA

Step 1. Log in to

Step 2. Click *your courses* and then select *your courses*

Step 3. Under *semester* select *first semester 2018* irrespective of your current level or semester, because according to NOUN academic calendar, we are in second semester 2018.

Step 4. Still select *first semester 2018* then click *proceed…* wait for a moment to display.

Step 5. Click *view exams* to access *TMA*

Step 6. Click *take TMA*, any course that its TMA is available will display …

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Please if you are not too sure of the answers don’t submit oooooo!!… You know how helpful and advantageous 30marks would be to your 100 marks..

And If you’re not sure about your TMA maybe due to lack of computer knowledge,  you are advised to goto your various study centre and sort that out or you can use your centres cafe preferably.


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