OlowoGboGboroHere’s Nathaniel Bassey Olowogbogboro song that has gone viral on the internet, and on the radio. It’s a song that explains a whole lot About God, and His Mighty works to deliver and save souls. It’s also a song written in the Yoruba dialect and a mix of English, a song that sends strong message to the general public about God. Olowogbogboro which means; The God with long arms that delivers His children from the deep or pit is a song that has reached over millions with awesome testimonies in and outside Nigeria. Here’s the lyrics below:


Olowogbogboro is turning things around (3x)
For my good (2x)

Ko soun t’oo le se God (There is nothing God cannot do)
Heaven and earth adore you God
Your outstretched arm has given us victory
Miracles signs and wonders come from You
Testimonies just like that o!
Words are not enough to tell of all You’ve done

Chorus – Olowogbogboro is turning things around (3x)
For my good (2x)

Who would have thought Lord (never imagined)
That You would move this way God
You whose path none can trace
Oluwa-mi, mighty are your ways
You have done more than I want o!
There is nothing more to say

Chorus – Olowogbogboro has turned things around (3x)
For my good (2x) Bridge – Things have turned around for me
Now I’m walking in victory
Jesus turned it around for me
He has given me victory
We will shout Hallelujah
We will shout praise the Lord
We will dance in the spirit
And rejoice in Your name
From sunrise to sunset
We will shout praise the Lord
At the blast of the trumpet
Let Your praise fill the earth

Chant Continuously


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