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relationshipThink of the longest relationship you have in your life. Perhaps your grandparents have been together for 50 years or your parents since they were teenagers. They didn’t get there by luck. No, relationships take work. As much love, joy, and peace you get out of your romantic bonds, just as much patience, stress, and compromise go into keeping it afloat.

The three words for long-term relationships are these: compromise, forgiveness, and intimacy. These are three important aspects of loving, healthy, long-lasting relationships and here’s why.

Why Compromise is Important in a Relationship

Compromise is the act of settling a dispute by one or both sides making concessions to come to a mutual decision. Compromise may consist of spending less, how you delegate your free time, curbing bad habits, or even something as simple as letting your mate choose what to watch on TV. The characteristic of compromise is often regarded as essential qualities to keep a relationship strong and healthy. Why?

  • It Shows Respect

An inability to compromise for the benefit of your partner displays selfish, thoughtless behavior. If you cannot compromise, your relationship will not be a happy one. When you are in a long-term relationship it is important to show respect to your partner. This creates a bond of trust and understanding that strengthens relationships. Compromise shows your partner you respect and value their thoughts and opinions.

  • It Helps you Grow

Putting someone else’s needs first and curbing your own desires for someone else helps you grow both as a person and in your relationship. Stepping outside your comfort zone means sympathizing with other’s feelings, needs, and desires. It is important for both parties to regularly compromise in order for it to be successful.

  • It Reduces Arguments

Possibly one of the best reasons to regularly practice compromise in your relationship is that it reduces arguments. When partner’s know that their mate is reasonable, respectful, and is willing to see another side to a serious issue, it makes arguing almost pointless. This contributes to the overall health and communication in your relationship.

Why Forgiveness is Important in Relationships

Unless you’ve found the perfect man or woman, forgiveness is going to be an important factor in your relationship. Everybody makes mistakes. The longer you are together, the more blips you may run into in your long-term relationship. This can range from smaller ends of the spectrum like forgetting an important anniversary or saying something thoughtlessly to larger issues like infidelity, addiction, and lies.

Letting go of the grudges and pain you are holding onto is difficult, especially after being hurt by someone who is supposed to love you and put your needs first. But, putting these things out of your mind helps you come back together as a couple and work on healing your relationship. No matter what the personal circumstance, forgiveness of self and of your mate are important for the following reasons.

  • It Promotes Healing

In many cases, forgiveness is something personal that you do for yourself, as opposed to something you done for your partner. You forgive because it crushes your soul to keep holding onto anger and resentment. If you have gone through a trial like an infidelity in your relationship, forgiveness can seem nearly impossible. But if you truly love the person you are with and both parties see value in staying together and growing from the unfortunate circumstance, forgiveness is the first step in the healing process.

It is also equally as important to practice forgiveness-of-self. You may have done some foolish things during the course of your relationship that you feel guilty over. Of course, it is only natural to grieve for the harmful errors you make, but beating yourself up day after day isn’t going to help. Forgive yourself for your errors and know that you can’t change the past, you can only practice becoming a better person moving forward.

  • Good for Your Health

Carrying a grudge can weigh you down emotionally and even physically. Holding onto pain can lead to physical ailments and depression that are to the detriment of your long-term relationships. Learning to forgive yourself and your mate for any wrongdoings that have occurred during your long-term relationship can actually lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your immune system.

Why Intimacy is Important in a Relationship

Intimacy is one of the three cornerstones of long-term relationships. From sex and cuddling to holding hands and talking, physical intimacy consumes a wide group of actions that are all important to healthy unions. Without physical reassurance and deep conversation, you may feel a lack of confidence in both yourself and your relationship.

  • It promotes healthy bonds

When you think intimacy, you likely think of foreplay and sexual chemistry. However, intimacy is more than just being physical with your partner. It means having meaningful conversations, sharing conversations, regularly hugging and holding hands, giving physical reassurance, and kissing. When couples are truly intimate both verbally and physically, they form an unbreakable connection that will keep the relationship strong and healthy.

  • Reduces Stress

Can a healthy relationship actually make your body healthier? The answer is yes. Intimacy can be good for your physical health. When you lack intimacy in a relationship it creates stress and barriers between you and your partner. On the other hand, practicing intimacy regularly in all forms helps increase blood flow, reduces stress, improves sleep, and even encourages the growth of your brain cells.

  • Promotes Love

Is there any other bond greater than love? You can put boatloads of effort into your relationship, but without love, it will not succeed. Love and effort go hand in hand. One cannot be successful without the other.

Therefore, one of the most obvious and most important side-effects of having intimacy in your relationship is creating a bond of love. Feeling cherished by your partner helps strengthen trust and can even cause your body to release a chemical that psychologically connects you on an emotional level. Those who feel safe, secure, desired, and respected in their relationships will go far. Love is the key feature to a successful, happy relationship.

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