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Traffic rulesTHE SIREN: How it Affects the Nigerian People and Aid in Breaking Traffic Rules

  • “Traffic lights are meant to be obeyed and if anyone disobeys it, the law breaks or prosecute them via its tools which can be the Armed Force but what if the Armed Force now disobey who oversees the act?

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Here’s a pressing issue that some people might want to take for granted or rather often time forget. It is quite true that the siren is a tool that is used for emergency services or purpose but it is also true that it should be obeyed on several occasions but not in all occasions now someone will ask “How do you mean”? well here’s a little example this should only be used only during emergency when it’s not an emergency it shouldn’t be used. unlike in this part of he world people often misunderstand this especially in the Armed Force or any Hilux you see on the road with a siren often blow the siren as a tool to bypass traffic light even when it’s not an emergency and this siren has been used wrongly.

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Like in a case of an hospital emergency van on a highway carrying a patient to safety for treatment in a highway in a situation where there’s traffic light with vehicles obeying it, some persons might likely break the traffic rules by disobeying the traffic lights for life to be saved that can be understandable but in a case where there’s no emergency and this same van blows the siren he has already put this impression in the drivers in front of him and around him that they should clear the way for the emergency van to quickly pass meanwhile the van is empty. In this kind of scenario, he just offended the law which is wrong.

Traffic rules

The Armed Forces often get stock in traffic mostly when it’s showing “RED” and we all know like in our nursery school rhymes that “Red says stop, yellow says ready and green says go” but even while the traffic light is still showing Red you’ll still hear them blowing the siren so you can break the law for them to pass even when it’s not an emergency so in this case who will now punish who? of course we do know that these armed forces are tools which the government put in place to discipline offenders of traffic rules/laws and the likes but now they force drivers to break the law for them to pass so to say they also offends the law and go Scott free why a so called bloody civilian break the law and they punish him. So who now punish the Armed force personnel who bypassed the Red Light?

Traffic rules

  • In developed countries today traffic rules and regulations are taken very seriously as It helps to preserve human life when driving even to the No. 1 citizen of a country they still obey traffic rules and regulations,  whether Red, Yellow or Green.

But our question is, was it a bad idea to put Traffic Lights in several road points, in the country? why is it that even when it’s not an emergency the armed forces just cannot wait for the traffic light to show “GREEN” before moving? or is anyone above the law? well I guess then this, is a question we’ll leave for the general public to answer.

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