staying healthy

Staying Healthy

People say when you rest alot you’re lazy especially in this part of the world, that “Anyone who doesn’t work will remain or always be hungry “True” but this philosophy has led so many young people to their early graves on the verge of making money to sustain themselves and family. Yes it is good to rest, but not working at all and always sitting at a particular spot every single day can be termed Laziness “Not working”. Always find time to rest for Any hard working person deserve rest but here we are wanting to make more money by working overtime and some work really very hard yet they don’t rest some say,


“why should I rest when I have bills to pay, needs to meet, and Family to take care of.”


Truth be told, it is only the living that can work so why work, work, and work without rest?

Stress is like squeezing your brain even when it’s worked out you still don’t want to quit.

When you have the ability to reduce stress please do so because all work and no rest can send anybody to his or her early grave. Yes we all have needs and responsibilities but the place of rest should not be over emphasized. There’s time for everything and every work has a time frame now always set out break points where you’ll rest always take out time to rest and just socialise, laughing out the stress. For some that don’t have a clue on what or how to go about this here are some ways you can cut out your stress.

Laughter: one of the ways to cut out stress is to socialise making new friends, laugh too as Laughter is the best medine to staying healthy always squeeze out time to entertain yourself while resting like, watch or listern to jokes c’ommon go get some comedy videos and watch, as there are a lot of them online and in stores. This can also aid in staying healthy Everyday.

staying healthy

Excercise: This is key important as it helps to reduce your chance of having fatigue, high blood pressure, or breakdown hereby keeping you fit for the day, healthy and hearty. Taking out time everyday to Excercise has a great way of keeping you strong and fit to staying healthy Everyday.

Vacation: Here’s one way you can cut out stress sometimes take out time at least once/twice in a day to go on a vacation all you need it a place where you can rest, sleep well and have time to take care of yourself it can be close or far but just take a leave from office and just go on a vacation, the beach, a quiet place or you csn go to the caribbean where you’ll do nothing else but rest as it will also help in staying healthy

Taking Good Care of yourself is good business: think less, except you want to develop a high blood pressure or fall sick. Always pick out time to sleep? take a nap and eat healthy meals as well. Because it’s only one who’s healthy that can work. Reduce stress and remain strong as you take priority in staying healthy.

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