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Hello there!

Today i am going to be teaching you how to create a jamb profile in some few easy steps but first you need to know what a jamb profile is all about. Jamb Profile is the first step to take before going to the bank to get a jamb form and for those of us that has gone to the bank already and has been sent to go create jamb profile first well i am sorry for the disappointment. Back to the question

Now What are the Steps on How to Create a Jamb Profile for Jambites.

Well here’s all you need;

firstly you need a E-mail Address and a password and then you need your personal information like your name, surname, nationality, state of origin, date of birth, telephone number and your gender.

now i’ll teach you on how to create you jamb profile now in these few easy steps

  • Create an Email Address with password
  • Goto
  • Click on create account if you have not created a profile before below; 
  • Fill in the appropriate details which is your Email and your Security Question and Answers and click on Verify Email like in the diagram below;
  • Now login to your email address e.g or’ll see a mail from Jamb with “no reply” as title click on it and confirm. After filling in your details and click on SIGN UP


  • Go back to your email inbox your account details has been sent to you already with your account password in cases where you forget your password
  • Now Login to your jamb profile using the same link above with your newly registered email and password and that’s all.
  • To print your payment details so you can go buy the jamb form in the bank follow the next steps

Once the profile opens click on registration on the top left corner of your jamb profile drop down

  • Click on REGISTRATION and click on UTME once it opens click on payment slip
  • When it open then print and go to the bank to buy your JAMB FORM. That’s All.

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