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I’m Gift and am here to touch so many things i feel it’s important to touch. Of course we won’t start this great topic without first explaining what white lies are so we’ll start by explaining what a “White Lie” is. According to Wikipedia’s definition;


“A white lie is a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings”


well often a time you hear people say “Why do people talk more about their mum compared to their dad”.? like you see everywhere. infact people even go this far to the extent of composing musics and writeup’s for their mum why is this so? well then i’ll say it’s becuase they tend to get emotionally attracted to their mum and this attraction can come as a result of time. Unlike this part of the world mother’s spend more time with their children why dads go out to get ends meet.

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well today, i am going to be one of those who’s going to talk about the dads and any part that touches you am sorry “my bad” because this father em’ they are really strong. and i’ll give some instance to prove my point.

1. Teeth: We were told when that when our teeth pulls off either by mistake or intentionally that we should throw it at the top of our house roof only then will another one grow back. mhen, you need to see what i did as at when i was young my teeth pulled out and i had to keep it in my pocket till i get home so i can throw it on top of my house roof so another one could grow out. you might be laughing right now but its true. I did that and i know so many of you reading this story right now did this too.

2. Coconuts: We where told that that coconut water isn’t good for children that it makes them dull. hmm coconut water? but everyone knows that coconut water has a unique sweet taste? how come it now makes people dull? and we believed them we even went to the extent of not drinking it at all and our parents were drinking it all this while. well this is what we call a “white lies”

3. Meat: Some were told that children are not allow to eat meat, that is to say we shouldn’t eat meat that meats are for adults not children well you know the story i don’t need to talk much on this. but it was lie and these are what one would call white lies.

4. Whistle at Night: Some Persons were flog, beating and purnished because of this same act. our father’s had this supersticious beliefs they will tell you “Don’t whistle alone at night, you’ll find someone singing with you” and that whistling at night or calling someone’s name at night is a taboo and that it was forbidden.

5. Gizzard: Wikipedia difined gizzard as “a muscular, thick-walled part of a bird’s stomach for grinding food, typically with grit” and now these fathers told us that gizzards are not for children and this created an impression in our minds that we shouldn’t eat gizzard at all until now my brothers and sisters this is a very big lie and am saying this because some of us where lied to and believe me when i become a dad tomorrow my children will eat gizzards very well because of it’s health benefits.

“All these sumed up to one thing “Our Fathers” LoLs they really tried for all the white lies greetings to every father out there who ever told their children all of this white lies and we do know that there are some areas we never touched if you remember kindly leave them in the comment section. Thanks. with warm regards – Gift.”


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Gift Akpan is a venture capitalist, a photographer by training and also a computer scientist who believes Strongly in this philosophy that says every hardworking person will definitely receive his Reward in due season or time. and he is currently an Editor at Notedlifestyles Blog.


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