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How To Do Xender File Transfer On PC or Computers To Transfer Files With Any Smart Phones No App Needed

Xender File Transfer
Xender File Transfer

Hello There!

On this tutorial today we will be discussing How To do Xender File Transfer On PC, Computers To Transfer Files With Any Smart Phone No App, No Internet Required. Here’s one trick which of course i’ll say not everyone knows how or even believe it works. for what i think they feel simply because;

There isn’t any xender software for P.C more like Computer Xender Software.

I know that Using xender is faster and sometimes you might not want to connect your pc to any computer, desktop or laptops for reasons best known to you but for some their common reasons are simply because they don’t trust the PC systems maybe because of virus or malware related issues but here’s good news for you.
first thing first, i will quickly list the things that are needed to make this possible;

  1. An Android Smartphone
  2. Xender App on The same Android Smartphone
  3. and a Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on Your P.C, Laptops, or Destops. that all you need.

Step 1: Open XENDER APP on your smartphone, click on option profile, settings depending or click on “Create Connection” on your xender app.

Step 2: Click on “Connect to PC or Laptop” and Create Hotspot Connection. Next, it shows you

Step 3: Click on create, then connect using your PC; Laptops Or Desktop WiFi click on the xender address. Note: it doesn’t require internet or app

Opern Your PC browser and key in the ip address shown to you by your phone xender into your address bar in you browser i.e and hit enter.

And then it will show you this;

Kindly click on accept from your android smartphone and that’s all next screen on your PC or Laptop will be exactly the picture below. That’s all HAPPY SHARING

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